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Hi! I’m Chiara, you may never be able to pronounce it properly, but my name means “bright”. I was a contemporary dancer for almost 17 years, then I had to make a choice between pursuing dance and going to school at the university. In the end I decided to follow my dream of studying languages. Thanks to the Erasmus+ university program, I got a scholarship and lived abroad for six months in Sweden and then again in Germany for five more months. When I moved back to Italy I started having a kind of travel nostalgia. In that moment I felt in my bones that I couldn’t be happy without traveling. In the near future you will get to know more about me and my love for animals, nature, homemade cosmetics and for discovering new things every day. I’m a bit lazy, clumsy and occasionally awkward but Ludo loves me regardless. Hope you will do the same!

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Hey there! I’m Ludovica, but everyone calls me Ludo. I’m 26 years old, a vegetarian for the animals, a tattoo & piercing lover and a technology enthusiast. I define myself as a “rebel spirit” for an infinite number of reasons. I am a very strong-willed and stubborn person and this can be a virtue or a flaw depending on the case. I’ve had a profound desire to explore the world since I was a kid. I’m basically the person who spent her teenage years typing out “How to work while traveling?” in Google. I ended up getting a degree in languages and then a master’s degree in Digital Marketing while traveling here and there whenever possible. Thanks to my determination today I am here realizing that teenage dream with Chiara!

About our story

about our story travelsfaction

We are Chiara & Ludo, two Italian girls in love with each other and with a big dream.

When we met in 2015, thanks to our mutual friends, we immediately realized that we were on the same page: both vegetarians, languages students, freedom lovers and most of all travel addicts.

Our friendship became stronger and stronger until we eventually decided to start dating in 2016. At the end of the year, in November, we took our first trip together and we chose Sweden, because one of us (L) had never been there and the other (C) wanted to go back to the place she fell in love with during her Erasmus period. We rented a car and decided to take an unconventional trip, visiting some national parks and being surrounded by nature the entire time.

In those magical places our relationship grew deeper and at that point we had the idea of starting a business that would give us the opportunity to travel full-time together.

About the logo

In 2018 we both graduated in languages so we booked our second trip to celebrate our accomplishments. We decided to travel across Portugal with a tent and there we got a tattoo of a little snowflake next to a tent.

The tattoo represents our first two journeys together, the ones that gave us the inspiration for the travel blog and that’s why we decided to use it as our Travelsfaction logo!

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About the name Travelsfaction

about travelsfaction name

After graduating, we immediately began studying for a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and took some photography classes to help us learn how to set up our own blog. When we decided to start the blog, the first thing we had to do was choose its name. We had to brainstorm a lot before we found the right one!
Eventually we opted for Travelsfaction for three reasons. First, because it’s something different that you probably haven’t heard anywhere else. Second, because we are into blending words and third, most importantly, we based our name on the feeling we have when we travel.

We created a whole new word which represents the satisfaction you feel any time you travel. And that’s what the blog is going to be about: me, her & our satisfying journeys.

About our perspectives

We are dedicating a lot of time and energy to our blog while we keep working hard to save up some money. We are hopeful that one day we will be able to quit our ordinary jobs and officially become full-time travel bloggers.
We hope you enjoyed our story and hope you’ll follow along with us on our satisfying journeys!

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